A Damp Forest Day

Do kindergarteners stay inside when it’s wet and misty? Goodness no! Our second bunch of Grundens is on its way, so not everyone had them. But we still had a great time. Some of us even saw a chipmunk on our hike! We learned about how we stay warm outdoors, by moving our bodies, wearing warm clothes, and making a fire. We didn’t make a fire today but we learned about them and practiced using our boundary rope around the rock fire circle.


Nora: “Leaf and acorn.” You can see the rain all around.


Hayden: “I found a grasshopper. He jumped off Jackson’s hand.” He wrote a “G” for grasshopper and you can see the circles where the grasshopper was jumping down.






Jack: “We were playing in the den.” He labeled “River” “Jack” and “Logan”


Our shared writing. Labels: “tree,” “clouds,” “rain,” “leaves,” “boots,” and “stream.”

A Warm Autumn Day

We had a balmy and summer-like Forest Monday, with kids in t-shirts some of the time! It doesn’t get better than that in October. Our science question was: “What kind of animals use our forest to survive? What kind of animals can we find in the forest?” We looked under logs and many of our Forest Journals reflect that.


Logan: “Daddy worm and baby worm.”


Laurel: “We found worms in their houses.” (Under logs, which you can see in her drawing). She labeled worms with “w”s and you can see how the arrows show where they live and how the log goes back down.







Astrid: “Roly-poly under a magnifying glass.” We found a lot of these under logs (roly-polies, pill bugs, sow bugs, isopods, whatever you call them!) and Astrid chose to draw hers zoomed in.


Rowen’s Forest Journal. You can see where he labeled with the beginning sounds! 

There was a delay in getting this blog up because after school on Monday we hosted a meeting of the Outdoor Learning Network, a group of teachers in MSAD 75 and Brunswick who are learning together about teaching and learning outdoors. We are organized by CREA, the Cathance River Education Alliance, our local place-based education center. Mrs. Johnson and I got to show off our outdoor classroom to other teachers, and we had a fruitful discussion about what we are all up to this fall. I feel so lucky to have this community of teachers to learn alongside!

Oh How We Love the Rain!


The apple tree by the garden is still providing tasty apples. We look for ones that aren’t mushy! And we are careful of the yellow jackets who are still enjoying apples too.


“Sleeping Hare” is a game that gives us practice being quiet and still in the woods. Can you see Hayden peeking out from behind these leaves?


One group of Forest Kids was digging out an underground home.


Another group of Forest Kids was a family of bunnies.


Our shared writing. We learned about this rain gear and how to put it on and take it off today.


Emilia’s writing: “I was playing on a log and pretending it was a unicorn.” You can see where she wrote her friends’ names who were playing with her.


Jack: “We were digging an underground hole.” You can see where he wrote Lyndon’s name and an “M” for “me” and “an M for him too” (as he described).


Silas: “I was fighting a monster with Hayden and Emilia.” He wrote his friends’ names using the word wall too!

Thanks everyone for sending in your kids so well prepared with boots and a warm layer. I’m sure we will have more rainy days!