A Damp Forest Day

Do kindergarteners stay inside when it’s wet and misty? Goodness no! Our second bunch of Grundens is on its way, so not everyone had them. But we still had a great time. Some of us even saw a chipmunk on our hike! We learned about how we stay warm outdoors, by moving our bodies, wearing warm clothes, and making a fire. We didn’t make a fire today but we learned about them and practiced using our boundary rope around the rock fire circle.


Nora: “Leaf and acorn.” You can see the rain all around.


Hayden: “I found a grasshopper. He jumped off Jackson’s hand.” He wrote a “G” for grasshopper and you can see the circles where the grasshopper was jumping down.






Jack: “We were playing in the den.” He labeled “River” “Jack” and “Logan”


Our shared writing. Labels: “tree,” “clouds,” “rain,” “leaves,” “boots,” and “stream.”

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