A great time had by all as we roll into November. It was hot in the sun when we first arrived, but by the end of our time when the sun had moved beyond the trees, the shady 49 degrees felt very chilly.


Leon found a new way to climb little trees with tiny branches poking out.


And then Noel climbed a HUGE oak. He found a hole where squirrels or maybe chipmunks might live. When he thought he couldn’t get down, Braxton brought him a “ladder” (really a big stick!) to try and help.


We discovered a new big log to climb on today. Beyond it was a tiny stream (mostly mud, but it was still exciting!). We didn’t play near the mud because we didn’t have Grundens on today.


The log in real life color.


“Think of one thing you played and one thing you noticed in nature today. Hand on your head when you are ready to tell your partner.”

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