Woods Alphabet Chart & Tree Math

What a wonderfully warm and sunny Forest Monday! We decided not to have a fire because it was a bit windy and with no snow on the ground, sparks are a risk. But we stayed warm by playing hard and eating all of our lunches.


This was our second time at our Sit Spots. We used a string (which you can see in the picture) to measure a tree near or at our Sit Spot. We then used these in math to compare with a ruler and a yardstick. We discovered that we have a lot of large trees in our woods and fewer small trees.


At our Phonics station, we started working on an alphabet chart for the woods. Part of our work right now as Word Scientists is to study not just one alphabet chart, but lots of different ones. Ms. Atkins & Mrs. Johnson did some further research to come up with objects for a few more letters, but we were still stuck on “z” and “u.” If anyone has an idea, pass it along!


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