December Birds

A chilly, overcast December has greeted us, but we were happy to have the dusting of snow from last night. Our sliding hill got so much use that it is now hard-packed, clay-smooth, frozen dirt. (Sorry about all the dirty jackets and snowpants…)

The high was 29 in the woods today. We had a much-needed fire, and Nora’s dad, Mr. Smaha, came out to be our fire tender.

A highlight of the day:


You can see that we are working hard to draw with realistic detail AND to hear more of the sounds in our words.


In Real Life (and, bonus, you can see the tree that has been excavated by woodpeckers over the years in the background!)


Our little woodpecker close up. We learned today about the difference between male and female woodpeckers. This one is a male because of the red on the back of his head.

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