Stream Play!

I told the kids a secret today– I hate thaws! I always want powdery snow, colder cold, realer winter. But, if we have to have mid-winter thaws, there is no better way to enjoy them than with some stream play. We buttoned up our Grundens and got busy.


Many kids helped build dams. They used rocks and sticks, and stuck mud and leaves in the small cracks.


Astrid was busy fishing (note fishing pole) and here are the fish (muddy snow/slush balls coming off the edges of the stream) she collected. She made a giant fish cake to eat with Rowen and Emilia!


Logan’s journal: “I found a stream. It was fun. I made a dam. It stopped the water.” He labeled “mud,” “rocks,” and his friends Jack, Hayden, and Jackson as well as himself.


Hunter had fun fishing too! He labeled “me,” “pole,” “mud,” and “fishing.” You can clearly see the fish/slush balls in the water!

Ok, so it does take twice as long to peel off the soaking Grundens, change into new socks (and sometimes pants), and hang everything up to dry, but I think it’s worth it! (Ask your kids.) There is no replacement for water– sloshing in it, jumping in it, watching it while you are standing in it, experimenting with it– and water brings up endless imaginative play and engineering problems. Not a bad thaw day at all!

Becoming Stronger Naturalists

We have been observing the woods for almost five months now, but we talked more seriously about what naturalists do:

IMG_4515.JPGA few things that these kindergarten naturalists noticed this week:

  • there was very little snow around the fire circle
  • a female woodpecker came to our feeder (she was not shy!)
  • birds were calling during Sit Spots
  • curvy sticks
  • the snow was crunchy and there was ice
  • puddles in the field had frozen into ice

Happy New Year to the Forest

We had an all-time low temperature in the woods today: 21 degrees. But with no wind and lots of moving bodies, we stayed warm and happy. We are glad to be back after vacation!


We had to work hard to clear the snow from our fire circle. Braxton helped shovel for half an hour! 


We also needed to replenish our wood supply. Here is Hayden sawing, Astrid holding the stick steady, and Gemma’s dad Mr. Luthy helping.


After all that work we were happy to play in some new areas. We loved these new climbing trees across the field. (Silas, Logan, Jackson and Lyndon in the front, Jackson way up top!)


Rowen’s Forest Journal. You can see how he wrote labels and is starting to write a whole sentence below. (The fire was smoky today because of all the icy wood!)


Gemma documented one of the most important events of today: a lost tooth! Luckily her dad was right there and saw it fall so it wasn’t lost in the snow.


Logan: “Me and Hayden playing zombie.” His picture shows how zombies’ arms stick out, and he labeled “arms.” 


The story of our day. It was a good one!