Sunny and Snowy

We had a great time in the soft snow and warm sun today. While it was melting into puddles on the playground, deep in our ravines it was still cool (high-30s) enough for plenty of snow. We traveled a little farther today to play, exploring a big downed tree and the root ball. The imaginative play and naturalist investigations skyrocketed! Kids were foxes, mountain lions, vets, doctors, motorcycle drivers, fairy house builders. We discovered holes in the ground, ice and water in the streambed, and a mysterious trail of fluffy black feathers.


Gemma high up on the root ball. This is a great place for a climbing challenge with all the frozen mud but lots of little sticks for foot and handholds. 


Rowen with his snowman. He and Nathaniel were rolling balls of snow down the hill into the ravine to make them larger.


Lyndon: “The nature was singing to me.” You can see him sitting under his tree at his Sit Spot and the bird in the tree that he heard. 


Emilia: “I went in the tree. I found a tree stump.” You can see how Emilia is writing the beginning and ending sounds of her words! And she got her snap words right too.


Amelie: “There was water by the benches. It was melting.” She didn’t quite finish coloring, so I hope she’ll forgive me for posting. But Amelie shows here that naturalists notice even the smallest things, especially about changes in the weather. 

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