Happy Cooks in the Kitchen!

We had an amazing Woods Wednesday today– with a “squeaky bird” that we all heard at Sit Spots (aka, a woodpecker!); a very involved tree study with botanists measuring, inspecting, and collecting; and another delicious picnic lunch. But I’ll highlight our new play kitchen which we took full advantage of today! We absolutely loved it. An especial hit were chocolate chip cookies (also known as pine cones). Everyone tried them and everyone loved them.

Thank you families who donated old and used kitchen supplies! We got a lot and we are all set.

And a HUGE thank you to Corban’s dad, Andy, for building our beautiful kitchen. And to his mom, Beth, for helping haul it out to the woods. And to Cameron’s mom, Caitlin, for the stainless steel sinks from the Restore. We appreciate your hard work so much!!

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